About Us

Welcome to Feldman Kieffer LLP Attorneys at Law.  The firm serves Buffalo, NY and the Western New York areas as a reputable medical malpractice, insurance law and health care law firm. Feldman Kieffer Firm is the law firm that clients can rely on for the protection of their rights.  Their talented legal team is dedicated to efficiently defending their client’s rights while offering a range of legal expertise, including environmental law, labor work, personal injury and mesothelioma cases.

Feldman Kieffer LLP Attorneys at Law has served WNY since 1993 and since then has always strived to provide the highest quality legal services at competitive rates. This firm is not your traditional firm.  The professionals at Feldman Kieffer LLP Attorneys at Law always seek creative and innovative ways to approach, handle and resolve legal matters in a quick and effective manner.  They defend the client, are obliged to minimize the client’s legal expenses, and are devoted to meeting the desired results.

Do you feel that you may have a medical malpractice or other health care claim on your hands?  Then it’s time to speak with an experienced, well-educated and devoted attorney who will efficiently handle your case.   

Keep Feldman Kieffer LLP Attorneys at Law the next time you are in need of legal expertise.